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Filemaker Development

We mainly develop on FileMaker 14 Platform. It allows for rapid application development and ease of use for any size company. Filemaker provides our developers the flexibility to develop and deploy applications across a wide variety of devices and platforms. 

Working with multinational corporations with a wide range of languages such as Arabic, English, French, Greek, and Hebrew, FileMaker is one of the very few platforms that helps the developer generate multilingual interfaces without complexity, thus streamlining workflows and business processes. 

Another major advantage with FIleMaker is that it beautifully intimates with other data driven systems such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL.

Here are some of the functions that we have enabled our clients to do:

- Integrate with their legacy system and use a new interface without having to alter any line of code of there old system.
- But bespoke applications that are very lean and ergonomic that helps to be more productive.
- Create mobile apps that integrate with the office MIS / ERP whilst they are on the move.
- Enriched and custom reports that expose the business data better - Sync mobile devices with cloud applications through FileMaker Go and WebDirect.
- Integrate business apps based on filemaker with iCal, Contact lists, email systems, SalesForce, SharePoint, SAP, and FileNet.

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