The Golden Age Of Athens


The Golden Age of Athens is a exemplary hotel of the tourist’s character in Athens, providing services since 1974. Our cooperation with the Golden Age of Athens confirms that experience and professionalism can only bring positive results.

We were asked to create the website that will present the hotel’s facilities in the best and easiest way.

The hotel since December 2016 has renovated 50% of its rooms with simple lines, which we followed in our philosophical proposal for the website. By choosing a color palette that was harmonized with the name of the hotel, we gave and emphasized every special and Careful detail.

As a venue for the selection of large companies, both national and international, emphasis was placed on the presentation of communal areas, event halls, creating plans with every possible proposal in the decree.

The page features  Parallax effects, forms of communication and compatibility and a direct connection to the hotel reservation system. This is a versatile page on any device (portable, table or smartphone) as business customers are on the move and want access from everywhere for the hotel they have been honoring for so many years.

Welcome and good stay!