hello kids

Irene and her multi-talent group visited us and we accept to work with them because only positive energy could fill us this co-operation!

Hello kids is a absolute multi-site that welcomes children to the creative and entertaining side of the center of Athens. The educational and artistic seminars which take place at this cute lab, has turned into the top meeting point on SATURDAY !!!

Along with Irene and through a large number of photos (many children and lots years of experience), we have clarified and presented to you in a cheerful and colorful website samples of seminars they organize. The Event Calendar keeps the regular visitor always up to date and will be able to “share” the event!

Now that we’ve made the photo albums and we’ve been subscribing in unique seminars, what about playing a board game, or making any constructions, Hmm … maybe a fairy tale?

The e-shop is COMING … !!!