Apple Development

iOS Development
Since day one ITintegrators has been working with Apple computers. Our Mac development was first established in 1985 and with the introduction of Intel processors development became more coherent. Now with iOS things are very exiting and development is at its peek. Starting with iPhone we are strongly committed to create excellent apps that express our client and match their needs.

We strongly believe that the future now is in the iPad and the iPad pro and we are very eager to see the exponential development that is folding in front of our eyes.

We have already developed several iOS frameworks for interactive children books and we are now rapidly converting educational ibooks, e-pubs and book apps to some of our educational established clients.

Nevertheless our strength is in the business sector and we currently have some outstanding applications for document and record management, POS solutions, HRS, and MIS solutions.

Lexicon App

Back in 2008 we started developing natives apps in Objective-C. Ironically ore old apps seem to be the best of our worak. Our flag ship was the "The small dictionary for G. Mpapiniotis"

For the iOS market

Leksoules App

An educational pre-school game with greek words from the animal world.

For the iOS market

For the Android market