IT Integrators’ Network Support service offers customers an efficient solution in implementing and maintaining their network infrastructure permanently integrated with the enterprise’s back office.

Network communication that integrates servers, printers, and other network resources are the backbone of most modern day businesses. As such, a network needs to be efficient and constantly available in order to maximise work output. Any disruptions or under performance in network services will have a relative impact on both productivity and profitability.

Access to specialist skills and resources to maintain a network is an absolute necessity but may not be a constant requirement especially in the case of reliable network infrastructures. Supplementing in-house skills and network experts has proven in this industry to be the most efficient network support solution.

IT Integrators offers customers the opportunity to streamline this key service by releasing the specialist skills and resources as and when needed and only when needed. In today’s world this can even be done remotely, fact which alleviates the disturbance of customers’ business workflow.

Key Benefits
- Maximum network service availability
- Guaranteed
- Service levels provide increased network availability to core business activities.
- Reduced costs - IT Integrators’ extensive buying power and efficient logistics enable us to significantly reduce network management costs.
- Scheduled/regular service reviews - Proactive monitoring of our customers’ networks using advanced tools maintain maximum network performance and availability.