Mobile Patients Management system

“Software solutions that unify and simplify mobile patients records worldwide”

Patient Management System as a Strategic Filing Ecosystem

As the world has become more connected and migrants, refugees, mobile soldiers and extreme travellers demands have grown, medical centres and hospitals have increasingly had to rely on their IT departments to respond to the patients documentation and records agility, and efficiency. Attempting to fulfils these demands, as a progressive medical institution, IT faces a number of barriers, including:

With all there challenges hospital and medical centres end up running the basic operational activities, such as managing the vast array of patients records, data entry and a well maintained IT infrastructure. The question then becomes, how can these institutions and their IT department redirect resources to more strategic initiatives for a more flexible and modern services with mobile patrons record delivered on a worldwide service? A Mobile Patient Management System (MPMS) can help achieve these strategic objectives.


The right MPMS strategy will help medical departments simplify the cost, complexity and compliance equation around managing mobile patient records, so they can focus less on day-to-day operations and more on bringing value to the service they are providing. For example, with MPMS they can:

  • Lower or eliminate unnecessary files by eliminating duplicate patient medical records between medical centres or  regions.
  • Reduce medical costs by being able to retrieving past medical examination, and results that has happen in different countries or medical institutions. Reexamining the patient will not be necessary.
  • Improve visibility of the mobile patient condition through a workflow and a continual update of a mobile patient
  • Streamline efficiency and responsiveness by automating reviews, approvals and fulfilment processes for patient treatments
  • Avoid the risks and costs of non-compliance (e.g., wrong diagnostics through bad records, loss of medical files, reallocation of resources) that can result from not having a MPMS software solution

Some 88 % of European medical establishments are expected to receive substantial mobile patients within the next 24 months, and 75% would struggle to maintain proper mobile patients records 1.

1 Source: A poll conducted at 2017 European Gartner IT Procurement, Medical and Asset Management Summit, London, United Kingdom

Achieving Concrete Benefits for the Business

Based on analysis performed by the IT Integration ROI & Medical Value Analysis Team, organisations that implement MPMS solutions can look forward to the following benefits as they execute their MPMS strategies:
50-70%  reduction of errors and duplicate medical records
45-55%  reduction in compliance fees
40-60%  reduction in patients medical treatment costs
35-45% reduction bad communication between medical establishments
70-85% increase in better medical diagnostics

Best-practice-based MPMS Workflow

This diagram represents a best-practice-based workflow for implementing an effective MPMS strategy.
The middle portion shows the core activities of the medical staff performing basis functions. While these tasks are straightforward, the complex, intangible nature of software makes them incredibly challenging to complete in a manual fashion. Therefore, a solution that automates these steps is recommended.
The top portion shows the persistent needed to manage requests and provision records to meet users requests. These activities should be aligned with the data discovered in the four core steps.
Finally, as the middle and top portions are aligned, it’s imperative that the MPMS is used to streamline the environment and reduce costs.

About the Solutions form IT Integrators

IT Integrators Mobile Patient Management System (MPMS) is an integral part of our Service Management solutions. It is a medical institution solution that enables organisations to holistically manage the services quality towards their patients. With the solution, a medical organisation is able to rapidly retrieve patients file, and deduct more accurate conclusions to what best treatment is needed for a mobile patient that has just been submitted from another establishment or country. Thus improving the continual dissemination of medical information to other institutions and increase productivity around patient management, reporting, and audit responses.
Thus improving the continual dissemination of medical information to other institutions and increase productivity around patient management, reporting, and audit responses.
Unlike manual approaches that are subject to cost overages and patient records compliance risk. IT Integrators (MPMS) also helps medical organisations determine what staff and assets are being used, monitor associated costs across the organisation and manage the audit process more effectively.