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  1. We have test them all, and they all are great!! The iOS apps that dominated our screens in 2017 

    The iOS apps that dominated our screens in 2017

    2017 was a great year for Apple as a whole, and the App Store was no different.From messaging apps to music-generating tools to a smart AI assistant, Apple and various third-party developers unleas…

  2. Here in the UK with our Nexus client, developing FileMaker apps

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  3. Yesterday from our offices in England

  4. Finally an independent review of the Mac Book Pro. RT @pschiller: Pro “a true workstation class Mac” 

    2017 iMac Pro Review

    There’s an old saying about money burning a hole in one’s pocket. Every once and while, a product comes along that has a similar but reverse effect on me — it’s a product that’s so compelling, so …

  5. Finally it is happening. Here at ITI we are ready for it. Apple Pay Cash launches in beta today, letting you send and receive cash in Messages  # via @techcrunch

    Apple Pay Cash launches in beta today, letting you send and receive…

    Apple is soft-launching direct, person-to-person payments in an iMessage today with the Apple Pay Cash beta. The feature, which was announced earlier this year, allows you to send and receive cash…

  6. Here is a real example to all of those who believe that there is no integration between Wordprss and FileMaker . 

    Oakdale Precision, Inc.’s New Web Site Bridges the Gap Between WordPress and FileMaker

    Oakdale Precision, Inc. is a rapidly growing, full-service manufacturing job shop that supplies parts, assemblies, fixtures, and capital equipment to over 100 companies. They pride themselves in…

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    Diagnosed w/ ALS, this patient built a custom app to help teams find the cure. 

  8. Well the war of OS is now truly showing its colors. Here at ITI we are keeping an eye on this space of war very carefully ………!!!! Google adds support for Apple’s Swift programming language to Fuchsia  .

    Google adds support for Apple’s Swift programming language to Fuchsia

    There is still lots of mystery around Google’s Fuchsia operating system. Fuchsia first appeared on our radar during the summer of 2016 and I even went as far as building it myself from source to see…

  9. Brilliant concept brings Touch Bar to the Mac Mini . We would love to see something like this in our offices

    Brilliant concept brings Touch Bar to the Mac Mini

    It’s time for Apple to think different when it comes to the Mac Mini.Even though it’s been over 1,000 days since Apple last updated its smallest Mac machine, Tim Cook insists it’s still an important…

  10. Για τα Bazaar των Χριστουγέννων και για τις εποχιακές αγορές, ένα ιδανικό APP είναι εδώ ↳ 

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  11. We highly recommend for all our client the feature picture in picture from apple for all your epubs and iBooks. It is a different world!!

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  12. Optimised store on the new macOS is great. We have saved over 10TB of storage just using this feature.

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  13. Finally! This is great. We we can’t wait to get our hand dirty and see the results. Good luck ITI team!!!

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    “Recovering From Ransomware Attacks Without Paying” There is a way—-> 

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  15. We are now 100% ICloudDrive business, and we are planing to advice all our client of how to go there. It is Great!

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  16. 80% of our clients are now communicating with us using the new capabilities of imessenger 🙂

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  17. YESSS Finally Photos for business are new meaningful !

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  18. We are already working on Apple pay on several projects with and without WordPress. IT IS GREAT

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  19. now that is want we call innovation !!

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    “Programmable chips turning Azure into a supercomputing powerhouse” Read—>  Backup there–> 

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